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Kansas has the highest electric rates in the region.

That's a problem the Governor, KCC

and Legislature need to address.


Kansas is a high-cost energy state, and that's a problem. 

Electric rates have increased nearly 70% since 2007.

We all pay too much: homeowners and renters, businesses, schools, hospitals and manufacturers -- we all pay too much for electricity in Kansas.  After a decade of constant rate increases, Kansas now has the highest rates of any of the surrounding states. This must stop.

Regulators, legislators and the governor need to work with consumers, utilities and other stakeholders to figure out a way to make Kansas rates competitive with neighboring states.

Even as we work to lower rates, Evergy is working to push them higher.  Help us as we work to lower electric rates in Kansas.

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Regional Rate Comparision -- Dec '22.png

We are working for you, consumers and the Kansas economy


Legislative action

  • 2018: Passed Senate Resolution condemning high rates

  • 2019: Passed SB 69, leading to robust study of electric rates and solutions to reduce rates

  • 2020: Passed HB 2585, eliminating state income tax for utilities, reducing gas and electric rates

  • 2021:  Ensured securitization legislation contained strong consumer protections

  • 2022:  Proposed legislation to limit annual electric rate increases

  • 2023:  Passed HB 2225 to reduce transmission expenses


Regulatory involvement

  • Intervene in utility rate requests

  • Fought for rate reductions in 2018 rate cases

  • Won 2019 case denying power plant purchase, saving customers millions

  • Active stakeholder in Evergy's STP spending plan docket

  • Active participant in 2023 Evergy rate cases advocating for customer savings

There's so much more to do to reduce Kansas electric rates
to regionally competitive levels.
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