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KCC News Release -- November 21, 2023

Kansas Corporation Commission approves settlement agreement in Evergy rate case

Sunflower State Journal -- November 21, 2023

Regulators approve settlement in Evergy case

Kansas Reflector -- October 7, 2023

Lack of oversight on transmission spending leads to higher electric bills, consumer advocate says

Topeka Capital-Journal -- October 2, 2023

Here's who would pay more — and who pays less — under new Evergy rate plan for Kansas

Sunflower State Journal -- September 29, 2023

Evergy reaches agreement in electric rate case

Kansas Public Radio -- August 9, 2023

Kansas retirees push back on Evergy’s bid to hike electricity prices and profits

Topeka Capitol-Journal -- July 21, 2023

With Evergy seeing record profits, it's not wise to seek rate hike from hurting customers

News Release -- July 19, 2023

Energy consumers file motion to dismiss Evergy Metro rate increase request or limit rate case expenses

Topeka Capital-Journal -- July 13, 2023

Topekans aren't happy about Evergy's plan to raise electric rates. Will regulators listen?

Wichita Eagle -- April 20, 2023

Kansas Legislature cracks down on Evergy overcharging your electric bill | Opinion

Kansas Reflector -- March 11, 2023

Kansas proposal to regulate Evergy’s charges could save customers millions

Sunflower State Journal -- February 21, 2023

Fight over utility transmission charge, electric rates emerges at Capitol

Topeka Capital-Journal -- February 12, 2023

Evergy among Kansas energy companies seeking monopoly power over transmission projects

Sunflower State Journal -- February 2, 2023

Lawmakers presented data showing electric rates gradually declining

Topeka Capital-Journal -- January 24, 2023

Kansas lawmakers consider changing the board who sets your electrical rates. 

Sunflower State Journal -- January 22, 2023

Fight over electric rates focusing on how KCC is picked

Kansas Reflector -- January 10, 2023

Evergy blames renewable plans, inflation for $1 billion rise in infrastructure plans

Topeka Capital-Journal -- January 1, 2023

Evergy proposed energy conservation programs in Kansas: Regulators might have other ideas

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