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Kansas Reflector -- July 14, 2021

Less coal, lower bills: Evergy customers make demands following utility’s ‘sustainability’ plan

Kansas Reflector -- July 6, 2021

Consumer watchdog wants feds to acknowledge investors’ influence on Evergy expenses

Sunflower State Journal -- June 25, 2021

Evergy reports $445,000 in Kansas political spending

Kansas Reflector -- June 7, 2021

Kansas and Missouri utilities may use loophole to charge customers for fossil fuel lobbying

Wichita Eagle -- May 25, 2021

Kansas Evergy customers could see lower increase to their bills under revised plan

Kansas Reflector -- Apri 23, 2021

Advocacy groups push for transparency in Evergy’s $8.9 billion ‘sustainability’ plan

Wichita Eagle -- March 1, 2021

In Wichita Area, electric rates could go up about 11% over the next five years      PDF version

Midwest Energy News -- February 18, 2021

Kansas City utility pivots in support of coal securitization bills in two states

Sunflower State Journal -- February 16, 2021

KCC opposes limits on utility transmission charges

Sunflower State Journal -- February 9, 2021

Business community asks for report on utility rates

Topeka Capital Journal -- February 7, 2021

Kansas regulators parse apart Evergy's Sustainability Transformation Plan

Kansas Reflector -- February 4, 2021

Kansas electric rates are not regionally competitive — the KCC should address this problem

Wichita Eagle -- January 29, 2021

Kansas electric rates are the highest in the Midwest — and it’s about to get worse        PDF version

Wichita Eagle -- January 19, 2021

To expand solar and wind energy, Kansas needs a state energy plan, lawmaker says

Wichita Eagle -- January 8, 2021

Evergy’s proposed electric rates for solar find few supporters, many critics

Wichita Eagle -- December 22, 2020

Evergy has plan to save $145 million a year. Don’t expect smaller utility bills yet

Wichita Eagle -- December 6, 2020

Kansas committees spend 6 hours pushing Evergy for answers on grid update costs

Kansas Reflector -- November 6, 2020

Kansans blast Evergy’s ‘discriminatory’ fee proposals for solar panel use

Kansas News Service -- October 30, 2020

The Largest Utility In Kansas Wants To Charge Everyone To Collect More From Solar Users

Kansas City Star -- October 19, 2020

Evergy customers may pay some of utility’s pandemic-related costs if regulators agree

Kansas News Service -- October 16, 2020

100,000-Plus Kansans Struggle To Pay Utility Bills And That Could Mean Higher Bills For Everyone

Kansas Reflector -- August 14, 2020

The Kansas Legislature’s addiction to gut-and-go should make everyone sick

Sunflower State Journal -- July 31, 2020

Dark money groups' donor revealed

Sunflower State Journal -- July 29, 2020

Wind industry pours thousands into campaigns

Topeka Capital-Journal -- June 18, 2020

KCC opens investigation into Evergy, Elliott agreement


Kansas News Service -- June 12, 2020

Coronavirus cut off plans that might have lowered electricity bills in Kansas

Topeka Capital-Journal -- February 29, 2020

Evergy combats criticism over coal fleet

Kansas News Service -- February 7, 2020

Hedge Fund Pushes Kansas Utility Away From Coal, Toward Wind And Solar

Topeka Capital-Journal -- February 4, 2020

Study of high electricity rates in Kansas points to industry changes, planning needs

The Sentinel -- January 23, 2020

Electric rates hurt economic development; Evergy customers getting $41 million rate hike

The Sentinel -- January 17, 2020

Kansas utility rates include bogus state income tax cost

The Sentinel -- January 16, 2020

Kansans pay 25% higher electric rates than neighboring states

UtilityDive -- January 14, 2020

Kansas considering securitization for aging coal plants, but caution urged

Kansas News Service -- January 10, 2020

Analysts Tell Lawmakers That Kansas Electric Rate-Making System Favors Utilities

Kansas Sierra Club -- January 10, 2020

Utility Experts Recommend Big Changes to Kansas Electric Companies

KIC, KLER, CURB -- January 9, 2020

Joint Statement on Rate Study report

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