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Evergy COVID Requests

Evergy wants special protections during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone.  Record amounts of electric customers can’t pay their bills.  Businesses and organizations are all struggling, with many closing.  The economy has changed.


Evergy though is hoping it won’t be impacted like everyone else.  Evergy asked for and received authority from the KCC to track all of the actual costs and lost revenues associated with COVID-19.  The KCC order, 20-EKME-454-ACT, allows Evergy the opportunity to ask to recover from ratepayers all those costs at a future rate case.  Essentially, Evergy wants its shareholders to be insulted from impacts from COVID-19 while you and everyone else suffers.  


Evergy has been quick to offer payment plans and announce shut-off moratoriums because it knows it can “track” those expenses and very likely get them back later, possibly with interest. 


Evergy wants to charge you for the energy that wasn’t used during the pandemic (lost revenues).  


No other business enjoys this privilege.  It is reserved for monopolies and needs to change.   

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